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I Spy a finished make-up

Did you decide which design you liked? It was a hard decision for me, they all had their benefits, but in the end I decided on the ABC/123 design called Alphabet Soup #3 from Urban Elementz. Now the family can try to find letters and numbers along with the pictures when they interact with the quilt. It's going to be so exciting to give this to them at Thanksgiving.

Here are pictures of the finished quilt! I used a gray thread called So Fine. It's thin so it blends in and doesn't distract from the wonderful fabrics.

I included the link to the design above for your convenience. I am not endorsed by Urban Elementz, I just enjoy their designs and sharing what works for me is my pleasure. I get designs from a few different companies, so you may see someone else featured later. The same goes for the piecing patterns. I try to provide all the information I can so you can make your own quilt, and hopefully bring it to me for quilting!

The binding is attached to the front of this quilt. I used the red border fabric so it will make a nice finish. Evening TV time for the next couple of nights is all it will take to hand sew that down. After I add the label, it will be completely done and go into the pile to deliver at Thanksgiving.

I'm getting my projects organized to take to a retreat on the 16th. I will take the baby quilts so I can continue to make progress on those; they're top priority right now. Table runners and other small projects will come along, too, so I can get a little instant gratification. When I get back, there will be lots of longarm action, so anticipate some eye candy! Maybe I'll have to ask for help choosing designs again.

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